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Don't say "pissed drunk," do say "pissed."

Don't say that: 

Pissed drunk

Do say this: 



The word "pissed," as it refers to being inebriated, is half-way between expletive and slang. It is found in a couple of phrases : "pissed as a newt" or "pissed as a fart" and, yes, neither makes any sense. They are not supposed to.

Pissed can be used as the past tense of "piss" which means to urinate. "Piss" also means urine.

The word is also found in the expression "pissed off" which means either angry or sent away.

It is therefore, incorrect, to say "he was pissed" meaning "he was angry."

"He was pissed" means "he was very drunk" and is not correct in another context.



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