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Don't say "Tuxedo," Do say "Dinner Jacket."

Don't say that: 


Do say this: 

Dinner Jacket


A "dinner jacket" is formal wear for men who dress for dinner.

"Dinner" in this context means the main evening meal.

A dinner jacket is never, ever, worn during the day.

The word "tuxedo" has been adopted from Spanish and popularised by Americans who don't understand how to dress. After all, they think that office shoes and button up shirts are "formal" or, even more bizarrely, "dress."

No. formal or dress shoes are black, high gloss patent leather, only worn with a dinner jacket or military dress uniform.

And a formal shirt is one that is designed to be worn under a dinner jacket, with a bow tie and with either hidden buttons or dress buttons.

Formal wear for the day might include a morning coat and a top hat. Today, this is, obviously, clothing for special occasions, which is why it has been elevated to be termed "formal."



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