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Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training launches NFT training e-learning course

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training - e-learning - micro-course - non-fungible-tokens
Financial Services
London, UK

London 21 March 2021

Vortex Centrum Limited, publishers of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training.com has announced a new micro course.

"Non-Fungible Tokens" is a carefully researched analysis of NFTs from the point of view of those financial institutions and other businesses that are regulated for the purposes of money laundering and terrorist financing.


Superficially, the financial crime risk of non-fungible tokens is straightforward and that is how the subject is often presented. It’s said to be about money laundering and terrorist financing risk in an unregulated market in which vast amounts of money are paid, in fiat or crypto-currency, for something intangible.

And there is nothing wrong in that description.

But it is superficial; it is incomplete. It needs more.

This course provides much more more.

In reality, there is nothing new – indeed, the basics are decades old and some even older.
Yet this course does something new: it explains that history and sets the current trend in context.

Also, there is a significant amount to add. This course does that, too.

On completion of a short examination, users collect a certificate, CPD hours (where recognised) and points towards the Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance.

"This course is aimed at everyone in financial services but it will particularly benefit those in risk and compliance roles who have to develop and implement policies and procedures in response to developing threats. They will gain a level of understanding that they will not read in the mass of reports and articles that focus on the money and gain a perspective that will greatly aid them in improving your risk based assessments of those they deal with and their transactions," said Nigel Morris-Cotterill who developed the course.

He went on "As I have been doing for the past quarter of a century, I have covered where we are and how we got here and then I have gone on to look over the horizon, identifying issues that are not yet normally visible. This means that risk and compliance officers are prepared for future product development even before the appropriate teams bring ideas forward."

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