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20211111 Today's Top Five

FCRO Subsection: 
Editorial Staff

Today's Top Five financial crime risk and compliance stories.

1. Money laundering lecturer says he should get special treatment

Remember the "expert", a lecturer (he really is not a proper professor) from the University of Miami who was found to be laundering? He's coming up for sentencing and wants the court to be lenient.


2. Who's judging the judges?

A former chief justice is jailed for money laundering

3. Suddenly, drugs-related seizures seem small.

An illegal marijuana growing and distribution business in the USA has grossed USD1.2 million over six years. It seems like a lot of work and risk for what, today, seems like not a lot of money.


4. Crypto is not a netherland for confiscations.

The authorities in The Netherlands have confiscated more than 25 million euros in various cryptocurrencies. So, not untraceable or anonymous, then, despite the number of people still peddling that falsehood.


5. USA warns companies of risks in dealing with "entities and sectors potentially involved in human rights abuses, criminal activities, and corrupt business practices. "

The only question is why in doing so it has singled out Cambodia. Such risks exist everywhere. Even so, the warning has value.


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