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The cycle of fraud

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We haven't seen this one for a while, or rather we've not seen it in this format.

The simplest and oldest 419 scam is back in time for Christmas.

And once more, Google is complicit. Look at the "reply to" address. How is not possible that they are not required to identify and block things such as this? Oh, yes. They say "we are google. We are big. You can bog off."

From jessica@jewmch.com
reply to incbankfile@gmail.com

Fund Release Order

This is to officially inform you today that a cheque for your Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand fund have been deposited with INCB Group Of Kenya (Independent Coast Bank) which is approved by the Federal Ministry of Finance for transfer to you. It was mandated by the Ministry of Finance that your fund be cleared and transferred with immediate effect. This fund release is the result of the recent meeting in Kenya by delegates from the International Monetary Fund and a cheque has been issued through Independent Coast Bank Group in this regard. The bank hereby awaits your full compliance to enable the immediate disbursement of fund to you.

You are hereby advised to contact the bank today for the necessary clearances and to claim your fund as authorized by the finance department. Contact the bank director; Mr. Chris Obuta and endeavor to work with the authorized bank to secure your fund.

Contact Person: Chris Obuta
Email: incbankfile@gmail.com
Phone: ( +254 770 443 190 )

Email/call the bank immediately at the above information and reconfirm the below details for identification and clearance by the bank.

Your Full Names/-----
Phone Number/-----

Yours in Service
Mrs Jessica Otieno;
Debt Management Board
Federal Ministry of Finance.
Kenya Rep.


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