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First Henry Golding now J.K. Rowling.

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Fraudsters are like fishermen: they dangle a juicy titbit and expect you to snap it up and get hooked.

But often it's not actually a worm, it's fake meat, a plant-based concoction that has artificially induced flavours and aromas. It misrepresents itself by appearance.

That's what this scam is all about and only the names have been changed because J.K. Rowling is back in the news.

It's amazing that the generation that have flocked to J. K. Rowling's fantasy books and films are so shocked that she isn't part of the artificial mainstream being created by the "woke" generation. Who'd have thought that there'd be something even more odious than snowflakes?

Well, as the old saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity and while Rowling is under attack for daring to have her own opinions the media, which loves to knock down a hero (how dare she get rich when they had been so captivated by her own personal story of the gritty young single mum fending for herself and her child in a grotty bed sit?) that is good news for criminals.

They know that stories (historically at least) tend to have a life span roughly the same as a fruit fly. But the subject of the story, the person involved, is remembered even if people can't remember why. In the case of Rowling, they mostly remember the books, the films and the castle, not the current, transient, synthetic controversy because she thinks Wokes are more of a problem than a solution.

Several months ago, we reported on a scam that had been widely promoted for a couple of years, ever since the release of - and massive media support for - the film Crazy Rich Asians. That story claimed, falsely, that Henry Golding, one of the actors in the film, was an investor in a certain scheme. Read that story here. It also claimed that Richard Branson, a businessman, and Bill Gates, a retired businessman, had made large sums using the same scheme. Both claims were false and Branson has even dedicated a web page to his denial of involvement. So who's bigger in the news than Branson, at present? Elon Musk, that's who.

Now, a very similar promotion is being pushed around using J. K. Rowling as the completely false bait, precisely because she is currently newsworthy. The scam is in the box below.

Rowling revealed the story behind her latest investment

In the 'Good Morning' show, British author and the creator of Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling revealed that she invested a small amount in a new automated trading platform. She stated this investment became revolutionary for her. There was an simple idea that to allow the common person the opportunity to cash in on the digital currency boom. Even if they have absolutely no investing or technology experience.

She advised all british people to invest and they would get benefit from that within a few months. Everyone can secure future and become financially stable. Here's the step-by-step guidelines, you can follow that for better earning on the platform.

Nigel, Deposit £200 (or $250, as the platform works with USD) for the first time to start the trading process. Provide your correct contact information on the site so that our experts can guide you in any case of confusion.

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To demonstrate the power of the platform, Bill Gates requested journalist Holly Willoughby to deposit £200 on the live show. Take a look, how much she earned mentioned on her report.

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