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Forgive our giggles.. this solicitation is so old hat it's a knotted handkerchief.

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Editorial Staff

We can barely contain the laughter. This scam e-mail is the same old same old but unlike so many, it's beautifully written. But what's not funny is that Microsoft and Google continue to facilitate fraudulent conduct.

Subject: FROM PAUL VINUS 5/9/2019 - is0059876@gmail.com


Please pardon me for this unsolicited communique.

I do have the trusteeship of a PRIVATE investor with a stormy political background to outsource individuals with sound Financial Management abilities to manage over US$1.3B devoid of his name. These funds can be invested in tranches of US$100M or a tranche that is suitable for the portfolio manager.

If you have Financial Management abilities, credible project in need of funding or existing business requiring expansion, your feedback would be appreciated.


Managing Partner

Right, so here's the thing. That company name has been used before. In 2018, it was used in a mail we have courtesy of hoax.co
I am making this contact from FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ADVISORY
SERVICES LIMITED, an Investment and Wealth Management
Establishment here in the ISLE OF MAN, United Kingdom.

I do have the mandate of a PRIVATE client with embattled
political background to seek for individuals with Financial
Management know-hows to handle the investment and management of
over US$900M under strict anonymity.

If you have fund management abilities, credible projects in need
of funding or existing businesses requiring expansion, we would
be delighted to work with you.


Martin Jones

Managing Partner


According to 419scam.org, it was circulating later that same year.

However, the company name has been replicated from a company registered in Scotland at 21 Forbes Place, Paisley, Scotland, PA1 1UT . It is absolutely certain that that company has nothing to do with the fraud.

Having said that, we found that the company is listed on LinkedIn with, says LinkedIn, 8 employees. The two that are listed as this writers contacts to third degree are obviously not connected with the company. Whether that is because LinkedIn is rubbish at allocating people to the correct company (it lists several people we do not know as working for our own Group) or whether their profiles are fake we cannot tell without investigation we, frankly, don't feel like doing.

What is clear is that Microsoft at Outlook and Google at gmail continue to fail to monitor the freemail accounts they operate for any form of legitimacy and are therefore facilitators of fraudulent conduct.