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IMF to close offshore bank accounts - scam

FCRO Subsection: 
CoNet Administrator

It's obviously fake. But anything that uses mail at AOL is bound to attract attention. And MoneyGram is used to further enhance the credibility of this fraud that uses the pressure points of IMF and offshore accounts, beneficiaries and.. oh, just read it.

Your fund has been legally approved for immediate transfer to you.
This development is as a result of the recent order from the I.M.F which mandated
all countries to release beneficiary Funds and assets diverted and illegally held in
offshore Banks.The sum of $2.8M has been legally approved to be transferred to you
through MoneyGram.

Reconfirm the below details to the money gram office for verification
and start receiving your approved fund payments today.
Total Fund----- $2.8million (USD). Daily Transfer ----- $5000

Reconfirm; Your Full name_______ Your City________
Your address______Direct phone number__
Your ID or passport. (Optional)____

Contact Agent: MR. EDWIN IDEH
Email: moneygram004@aol.com
Tell: (+)254728734463

You are required to pay for your file Processing/activation fee only to
the MoneyGram department, confirm the cost from the MONEY GRAM OFFICE.

Mrs. Janet Ume
Minister for Finance Office
Nairobi, Kenya Rep.

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