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It's taken 10 months but the scammers are back on the phone.

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Nigel Morris-Cotterill

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Now the fraudsters, or their associates, are back. And this time they have new telephone numbers.

Oh, how I wish there was a way of reporting the telephone numbers used by fraudsters to telecoms companies. It would help so much with those people who sit with banks of mobile phones on a table running one of any number of scams.

Malaysia has been extremely active in the police tracking down frauds of one kind or another, in some cases finding dozens of people manning hundreds of phones but operators don't co-operate with victims.

Here's a new number: it's a Malaysian mobile. 010971 0163.

And, when that call was abruptly terminated, immediately another call, this from 00 871 2428 7458 This is not a valid telephone number format and indicates a spoofed number.

As no legitimate business would spoof a number, it seems safe to always reject calls from such. Indeed, a quick internet search reveals that many people are trying to find out where numbers beginning 00 originate having had unsolicited calls so there is obviously a problem.

In this case, the caller was persistent and did not stop talking until the call was terminated. This is often an indicator of an attempt to create a pressurised environment for the victim.

The safest course of action? Hang up. Block the number. Move on.

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