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Malindo Air: Statement on data breach

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Editorial Staff

Malindo Air has issued the following statement providing updated information relating to a data breach in its booking system.

Dear Valued Customer,

We thank you for your continued support of Malindo Air.

As a further update to our earlier communication, this is
to inform you that the investigation into the recent data leak has
since been determined.

An individual working for our e-commerce services provider had
improperly accessed the personal data of our customers. We have since
notified the police, financial institutions and are also working
closely with the relevant authorities on this front.

This incident is not related to the security of our environment or
that of our cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We wish to assure our
customers that all our systems are fully secured with no further
vulnerabilities. We can also
confirm that payment details were not compromised.

Nonetheless, please be wary of any suspicious or unsolicited calls or
emails seeking verification of your personal data. Please feel free to
contact us at customer_care@malindoair.com for any further
clarification or assistance.

Malindo Air sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused to you.

CEO, Malindo Air