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Publishing: today's dumb spam

FCRO Subsection: 
Editorial Staff

If it's got lies in it, it's a spam and putting an address or unsub link doesn't turn lies into truth. But really, one should be able to trust someone promoting "bible verses," right?


A spam claims to come from "DailyBibleGuide" at DailyBibleGuide.2013@stuffesto.... Maybe it does come from there.

But it's the lie in the body of the mail that raises the hackles of our correspondent. It says" You are receiving this email because you registered at Daily Bible Guide (Daily Bible Guide Mailing and Promotions, 1 North Lexington Avenue, 9th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601) and agreed to receive email from us regarding new features, events and special offers about Daily Bible Guide services. "

"Never heard of them, never been to their premises in White Plains - never been to White Plains - nor, if this is what they are implying, have I ever been to their website, haven't signed up for this or anything else. The statement is a lie and the mail is therefore spam and, in my view, fraudulent."

Hard to disagree.

Publishers should think twice about using this kind of tactic to drive visitors to their websites.

And visitors should not go to sites which use such dubious tactics - they may be nothing more than hosts for drive-by downloads of virus or other malware.



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