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A spam that hits so many triggers it's hard to know which one is the biggest draw for victims.

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This spam-scam is remarkable. It's as if the sender thinks that by throwing everything at the wall, something will stick. But for the even slightly alert, it fails before the target even opens it.

When the name of the sender is shown as "William#887050 " it's obvious that it's unlikely to be from a real person.
When the subject is shown as "Your recent transcation # 887050, it's confirmed."

Here's a pop quiz: how many words, phrases and even concepts appear in this e-mail that are designed to ensure that it is read - and ideally acted upon - by as many victims as possible?

Suspicious activity detected |Invoice ID: SP419594|

Dear Ms alice harrison
|Consumer id - 18085509|
Your order details are below
Your account is now overdrawn with $499.99 and the same amount will be now
Withdrawn from your default payment source
Billing Support- 1(844) 787-0185
Date: Aug 15 2022
This is to inform you about your recent purchase of 499.99. This charge
would appear on your statement as IPay-pAL0*Binancei within 24 hours.
Order info
Order Id PP4762AT3042696
Amount $499.99
First name Ms alice harrison
Address 105 cottesmore way warrington OH 44648
Payment Method iPaypal Credit
Purpose Code Digital Goods 2309184AYP
Merchant Information iBinance Inc.0
Buy Exchange Rate 1BTC $24139.50
0.0021001 BTC $499.99
Transaction Fee $30
Total $529.99

In case, you did not make this payment please call our billing support at
1(844) 787-0185 (Toll Free) to cancel. For
cancellation or to make any changes or for any other issues contact the
above-mentioned support number.

IBilling: 1(844) 787-0185
|Our customers are our real assets| All rights reserved

We don't really have to comment, do we? Except to say don't call them.

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