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Spam-scam uses the name of a scientific journal to attract victims.

Editorial Staff

The Journal of Clinical Investigation is a genuine scientific journal.

However, fraudsters have used its name to attract attention to a rogue website.

Subject: Strange Doctor Discovers Key To Better Vision TODAY
From : EyesightMax@leapstate.co
I just got this.

A team of scientists featured in the Journal Of Clinical Investigation Insight has finally discovered the real reason why you’ve been losing your vision.

They urge people to look over this report TODAY, as it also unveils how to restore 2020 vision in less than a few weeks.
Yes, this is finally happening!

Eyesight Max

And so far it has helped thousands of Americans.

But, as the authors say, this research will be taken off the internet very soon.
So if you or someone you love has been losing their vision, don’t miss this while it’s still live on the internet.


It is obviously a fraud. We have modified the URL so that it cannot be clicked on. The site may be for phishing or for the drive-by download of malware.

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