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The United Nations Fraud Recovery Scheme is ready to distribute moneys.

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There's more than USD2,000 million in moneys clawed back from fraudulent deals.

Oh, wait. It's a spam-scam. And it wants you to send your identification documents "via" a telephone number. Genius.

At the UN 74th General Assembly (UNGA 74) meeting held on Friday, 27 September at its headquarters in New York City, NY United States, a total of $2,189,500,505.00 was declared by the UN Financial Crimes Commission as funds recovered from fraudulent schemes. These funds were recovered from various governments and anti-fraud entities around the world from accounts connected to embezzlement and other fraudulent practices.
The United Nations has decided to dedicate the funds to compensating fraud victims around the world according to a special pro-rata basis by the affected countries.

We are happy to inform you that you have been selected as one of the beneficiaries of your country to participate in the largesse redistribution. The analysis from our evaluation department shows you, among other beneficiaries in your country will receive a sum of USD5,200,500.00 (Euro equivalent CAD 6,906,281.00). The pool includes 399 fortunate victims to be compensated.
Alterna Bank, Canada is your designated disbursement center, you are advised to get in touch with the Alterna Bank representative below for further information on how to receive your payment. It is in your best interest to follow directives accordingly to receive your compensation promptly.

Alterna Bank
2 Bloor Street East, 26th Floor
Toronto, ON M4W 1A8, Canada
Coordinator: Dennis Pham
Tel/Whatsapp: +1 613 777 24 40
Email: alterna@mail2Canada.com

For Bank verification and fast recognition, you are required to send the following Reference Code (UN2019-2039929) and a scanned copy of valid I.D to the Alterna Bank coordinator above via email address or telephone number.


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Geneva, Switzerland

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