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Demonstration Asset Arrest Notice - GlobalKYC (sample may be viewed without restrictions)

GlobalKYC Taxonomy Class: 
GlobalKYC - Arrested Asset: 
Boeing 737 Registration Number N-4667
GlobalKYC - Present location of Asset: 
San Fairee Ann Airport,
Global KYC - Respondent - Surname or Company Name: 
SFA Aviation Inc.
Global KYC - Respondent - Other Names or Company Number: 
Global KYC - Respondent - Aliases or business names: 
GlobalKYC - Known address(s) of target: 

Registered Office: Suite 77, Shabby Building, Back Street, Dodgy Town, Shady State, USA

GlobalKYC - Full name, address and in-house reference of the Organisation posting this notice: 
Dick, Stick and Thick, lawyers, ....
GlobalKYC - Date of Order: 
Monday, 16 October, 2017 - 13:00
GlobalKYC - Details of the Making of the Order: 
This order is made under the terms of a financing agreement between X Bank and the Respondent dated 14 February 2014
GlobalKYC - Court Case Number (where applicable): 
GlobalKYC - Return Date and Venue: 
GlobalKYC - Jurisdictions in which the Order is to take effect: 

Any and all

GlobalKYC - Additional information (optional): 
GlobalKYC - Posting Entity's contact information: 
Dick Dick +1 654 555 856 8651
PleaseBeInformed.com division: 
Friday, 16 November, 2018 - 07:57