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Demonstration Asset Confiscation Notice - GlobalKYC (sample may be viewed without restriction)

GlobalKYC Taxonomy Class: 
Global KYC - Respondent - Surname or Company Name: 
SFA Aviation Inc.
Global KYC - Respondent - Other Names or Company Number: 
Global KYC - Respondent - Aliases or business names: 
GlobalKYC - Known address(s) of target: 

Registered Office: Suite 77, Shabby Building, Back Street, Dodgy Town, Shady State, USA

GlobalKYC - Full name, address and in-house reference of the Organisation posting this notice: 
Dick, Stick and Thick, lawyers, .... Dick Dick +1 654 555 856 8651
GlobalKYC - Date of Order: 
Monday, 16 October, 2017 - 13:15
GlobalKYC - Details of the Making of the Order: 
Treetown Country Court, Treetown +1 897 555 8694 6510
GlobalKYC - Court Case Number (where applicable): 
TCC - A486 of 2017
GlobalKYC - Return Date and Venue: 
Treetown Country Court, Treetown Arizona, USA 17 October 2017 at 3 p.m.
GlobalKYC - Assets specified in the Order: 
Boeing 737 Aircraft Registration N456547454HJK
GlobalKYC - General Assets: 

Any and all bank accounts of any nature, office equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, marine craft and any and all other things of any use or value anywhere in the world.

GlobalKYC - Jurisdictions in which the Order is to take effect: 


GlobalKYC - Additional information (optional): 
The business is operated by a number of individuals including John Venison of Forest Lane, Treetown, Arizona, USA
GlobalKYC - Posting Entity's contact information: 
Dick, Stick and Thick, lawyers, Uptown, Iowa, USA Dick Dick +1 654 555 856 8651
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