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SAMPLE GlobalKYC Asset Freezing Notice (sample may be viewed without restrictions)

GlobalKYC Taxonomy Class: 
Global KYC - Respondent - Surname or Company Name: 
Global KYC - Respondent - Other Names or Company Number: 
Cedric Paul
Global KYC - Respondent - Aliases or business names: 
CPJ Building Contractors
Some other name he uses
GlobalKYC - Known address(s) of target: 

127 Nowhere Lane, Anytown, Somedistrict, postcode, country

2567 Frontier Road, Suite 774, Fartown, Another Country

GlobalKYC - Full name, address and in-house reference of the Organisation posting this notice: 
The Law Firm of Smith and Jones, 156 High Street, Somedistrict, postcode, country reference JS780/675
GlobalKYC - Date of Order: 
Tuesday, 10 October, 2017 - 11:00
GlobalKYC - Details of the Making of the Order: 
The High Court, Anytown, This country
GlobalKYC - Court Case Number (where applicable): 
GlobalKYC - Return Date and Venue: 
Monday 17 January 2018 The County Court Side Road Town County, postcode Country Tel: 456468784
GlobalKYC - General Assets: 

Any and all balances held in any and all bank accounts in the sole name of the Respondent or in the joint names of the Respondent and any other person.

GlobalKYC - Jurisdictions in which the Order is to take effect: 

Global Asset Freeze

GlobalKYC - Additional information (optional): 
The Respondent is believed to own a propery in Marbella, Spain.
GlobalKYC - Posting Entity's contact information: 
John Smith, Somedistrict, postcode, country. +4567891526459
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Friday, 16 November, 2018 - 07:56
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