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Name of Crypto-asset (e.g. bitcoin, ripple) demanded by extortionist: 
lite coin
GlobalKYC -Suspicious Wallet Number: 

GlobalKYC-Suspicious Crypto - Spammer's IP address:
Copy of extortion e-mail: 

Irreversible consequences for you

You have to read this notification through! If don’t pay attention to it, the effect will be irreversible.
I captured your handjob with the help of yr web cam..
Go to the police,it’ll be too late!!!  
I am a foreign resident, consequently it’s difficult to find me!   
I will have enough time to turn you into an Internet celeb.    
I got the contacts of your friends and relatives and received access to yr social networks accounts.
I won’t tell u how this happened, but I’ll be happy to counsel u to keep your antivirus updated and avoid clicking on pornsites!   
U have 24 hours since after opening this letter (I will get a report) to buy my silence.
Transfer 20 lite coin to (ltc1qhdf3kr0pk7mkc569gcac0l8wp9l6mrk34ard2q) during twenty four hours and be absolutely sure I will get rid of all the damaging information on u!  
If u ignore this notification, I will send all the dirt to your buddies and family and publish it in social networks.   
It’s unlikely that anyone would like to deal with u.
You can beg, but it won’t help. You are given twenty four hours!
Don’t send anything to this email, it is used to send messages, I’m not going to use it.  
Sorry, I’m not a native speaker, never mind my spelling!



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