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CoVid - 19. No room for complacency

Editorial Staff

As the UK finds that opening its pubs might lift the spirits of the people, their ability to contain themselves when consuming spirits or other alcohol risks further outbreaks. The same was found in California last week. Some pubs that were open for two or three days are closed again as people report contagion within hours of their visit. Here are figures published yesterday by the WHO that show that it is important to be responsible for your own safety and that of others while out socialising - or else there's the risk of a terminal decline in the businesses where recreational drinking is available.

In short, so far as responsible behaviour is concerned, put up or pub shut.

Figures courtesy WHO

Situation in numbers (by WHO Region)

Total (newcases in last 24 hours)

Globally 11,327,790 cases (202,545) 532,340 deaths (4,134)

Africa 369,928 cases (13,262) 6,974 deaths (228)

Americas 5,820,840 cases (122,886) 265,024 deaths (2,486)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,170,720 cases (17563) 27,566 deaths (492)

Europe 2,791160 cases (16,939) 200,238 deaths (357)

South-East Asia 947519 cases (28 928) 25 036 deaths (563)

Western Pacific 226882 cases (2 967) 7 489 deaths (8)

This shows the fallacy of the UK's bubble: it has ignored South East Asia where some countries have strict controls and have contained the virus at remarkable levels. Of course, the opposite side of that equation is that those countries might not want the effects of e.g. the UK's disastrous record to carry the virus into their countries, as happened with a tiny party allowed to travel from the UK to NZ.

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