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Fraudsters use fake accounts for well known Instagram users.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

This is a fake account. And the creator is a phisherman or other fraudster.

Musician James Yang Yong Cong isn't happy. Someone has stolen some his photos and parts of his biography, put up a fake profile under a different name and is contacting those who connect pretending to be James and trying to get them hooked into a phishing or Nigerian Scam exercise.

The criminal who created the account posts onto the accounts of others so as to, hopefully, get clickbacks. Then, once he has followers, he contacts them to commit an offence against them.

The account has been reported to Instagram but it remains active.

James' real Instagram account is ONLY at https://www.instagram.com/jame....

James said "I was shocked when a fan reported this account to me. It's a breach of my intellectual property and a form of identity theft, even though this criminal uses a different account name.

"I hope my fans in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and elsewhere aren't fooled by people like him on any social media platform, wherever it is.. If anyone does come across other accounts that are using my images or pretending to be me, please send me a message on my own account."

Instagram makes it difficult for non-account holders to report even blatant frauds and, despite its supposed claims for artificial intelligence, it plainly does not monitor when images are copied from one account to another.

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