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Gmail and criminal conduct

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

I wonder if....

Let's be disruptive. Let's mount a DoS attack on servers used by criminals....

This arrived: "My name is Fred Foldvik from Director TSB bank,United Kingdom.I would like to discuss an urgent next of kin deal with you." From fred.foldvik.dnb@gmail.com.

No, he isn't and it's clear criminal conduct.

I wonder if it's possible to launch a #DOS attack on a #Gmail mailbox to start to make #Google pay attention to the harms they permit by allowing fraudsters to use their service without any restrictions? Perhaps all my tens of thousands of followers on LinkedIn and on my corporate page, plus all of their followers and maybe all of their followers can set up a single-use gmail address and use it , like a flashmob, to send, in unison a mail to gmail addresses that Google allows to exist for criminal purposes.

Unless, of course, Google says that using an account to do that is a breach of its terms and closes them down.

Now there would be a story :)

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