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Weapons sold by threats that your wife may be kidnapped.

Editorial Staff

It is difficult to understand just how morally bankrupt the world has become. Some may blame "the internet" but that's just stupid. It's users that are dangerous and or manipulative. When a mail arrives from "Kidnapping" and a headline of "Your wife looks easy" it is already threatening.

Read the mail below but be aware that it's an advert, not a demand. It's racist and ironic (you'll see why as you read it).

"Law Enforcement is warning of a scary new kidnapping scheme sweeping the nation right now.
[redacted: link to a PHP page which might be an advert but is equally likely to be an executable file that could infect your computer, etc. ]
And it could devastate your family forever.

Imagine your wife or daughter goes to Walmart...

But as they reach the checkout, some creep spots her and notifies his buddies outside.

Then right before she gets to her car...

A white windowless van pulls up and she’s shoved inside.
[redacted: same link]
This is likely happening in your community right now, {{contact.first_name}} [this is a "fill-in code" that the mail was supposed to use to look up the addressee's name and insert it for added effect]

And it’s only going to get worse with the flood of violent illegals pouring across our border right now.

But if your loved ones have this little black rectangle in their hand, nobody can ever touch them.

Because it lets you paralyze a 260lb thug instantly -- and leave him writhing on the ground in agony.

It doesn’t just slow down and piss off attackers.

It makes them physically incapable of hurting you.

Best of all... the company behind this little tool is handing a few out FREE to our readers today.

They’re doing this in response to the horrifying spike in senseless violence in our country right now… and to give people uncomfortable with guns or knives a guaranteed way to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these Free defense tools left.

The next 382 readers are promised to get one Free.

But this email just reached over 128,941 other people -- so you can bet they’ll be gone soon.

Grab yours here while they’re still available.


P.S.-- liberal lawmakers have already banned this tool from being shipped to 9 states, and the same may happen in other states soon.

So today may be your last opportunity to get one while they’re still Free and legal in your state.


Source: kidnappings@guardianvitalz.biz
Domain registered: 2021-10-28
Registrar: Sav.com LLC
Owner info: blocked
Obfuscation service provided by Cloudflare (no surprise there, then)
sender DNS - - may be spoofed.


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