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You are unvaccinated and I respect that. I am vaccinated and you should respect that too.


Ben Geldenhuys' personal and powerful contribution to the vaccination debate that goes beyond the immediate question of CoVid-19.

I’m not getting vaccinated to please the politicians or “globalists”. . .


- Not to occupy a hospital bed when others are also sick
- Not to die of Covid-19 or complications caused by it
- To help relieve healthcare workers
- To live my life
- To protect my community
- To kiss & hug my relatives & friends

Yes, I don’t know what’s inside it.

Not in this vaccine, not in the meatball, not in the Coco-Cola, not in the processed cheese or margarine.

Not in other treatments - be it for Cancer, Malaria, Arthritis or Depression.

I don’t know what’s inside Ibuprofen, Doliprane or any other medication. I’ve never read the side-effects. It just heals pain.

I don’t know what’s in the ink for tattoos either.

We are fighting something we cannot control, but science is giving us the best weapon.

Is it perfect?


But then neither are most things in life.

But the 1 thing I do know is - life is short, very short. Lets be kind to each other. #healthcare #wellness #covid #respect

Feel free to copy and share! Lets get the message out there!!

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