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How to kill annoying LinkedIn autoplay videos

Editorial Staff

We all hate them except the people who create them: LinkedIn videos are bandwidth draining, and annoying, making noises when we least expect them. But you don't have to suffer. Here's how to kill them before they even start.

Using the controls in your "Flash" plug in doesn't work despite all those websites that tell you it will. The reason is that LinkedIn videos, like most of the web these days, aren't driven by Flash.

Instead, there's a little known control in LinkedIn itself - and the best thing about it is that it's account specific and therefore doesn't have the browser overhead of local controls.

Simply do this:

Open LinkedIn and login. Go to "My account" and click on "Site Preferences." Scroll down to "Autoplay videos" which LinkedIn has set to default to "yes." Move the slider to "no."

There is no "save" button nor any acknowledgement that your instruction has been received and implemented - but if you need to check, just click on one of the other pages and then click (not "back") Site preferences again. If it's still "no," you're good to go.

Note: the video still shows up - but now it has a "play" control instead of running as soon as it appears in your display.