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Forget all the rage of the indignant culturists, this story is really about people with far more money than sense and how easily they are manipulated. Who, in their right mind, would want a boomerang with a Chanel logo on it - and pay a whopping 1260 euros for it?



In a bizarre example of why (apparent) drunkenness in a public place is a bad thing, a man in Chicago was filmed by a security video seemingly punching a woman who came out of a building, with a bucket, to assist him when he vomited. The report warns of "graphic content" but that's dramatically overstating it. But it is, nevertheless, an incident worthy of considerable condemnation.



Good to see that Miami Beach is taking care of its finances. It took six months for someone to notice that there had been a theft of some USD3.6 million.



You know that thing where Americans insist on saying "London, England" or "Paris, France"? Well, would you believe that in a case of being entirely unhelpful, there's a town called "Rome, Georgia." The top story in its local newspaper, the Rome News-Tribune, yesterday was the rescue of a kitten.



And the story was written by Doug Walker (double honestly).


And over there in Texas, the Paris News (which has a drawing of the Eiffel Tower wearing a cowboy hat in its masthead) reports "Local man behind bars after evading police " Presumably not very successfully.



In Mexico, it's reported that a woman claims she was "held hostage in a Nayarit hospital until she paid her bill" has returned to the USA. She says the hospital demanded USD30,000 before they would let her out. And the Mexican police aided the hospital in the stand-off.