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We can't help but shake our heads in wonder at the antics of UK Labour Party doyen Dianne Abbot. We would laugh but her ineptitude has, in recent weeks, become so significant that it's almost as if there is some genuine medical or mental problem and no, we are not joking, unfortunately. While this Daily Mail report pokes fun, we can see a trend of deterioration and it's beginning to look as if someone should stop her before she hurts herself.



We had a dig around in the Labour Manifesto for next month's general election, only because it's the first time for decades that an outspoken supporter of communism could hold both the Prime Minister's job and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. And then we read the headlines and gave up. Slogans and buzzwords. We were bored after the contents page.



Oh, before leaving politics, in the light of the following headline from The Economist, we bow down mumbling "we are not worthy." Pointing out that the proposed Labour Chancellor's figures don't add up, they say "Old McDonnell has a plan. He eyes IOUs."



Everyone knows about albino animals but an orange alligator? Looks like a bad day in a tanning salon.



A teenager has died as a result of what a coroner in South Carolina called a caffeine overdose. Various reports around the web say that symptoms would not generally start to appear until after someone took in 250mg, which is about 2.5 cups of coffee. But that's the American piss-like version. Good job they don't check the levels in the sludge we have in this office. But for the kid and his family, it's not funny and when you read what he had consumed, you'll be surprised and not a little concerned. Seriously, in cities like London and New York, lots of office workers have exceeded his intake before they get to work.