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Remember when...

a bitcoin hacking theft was big news?

Today, hardly anyone has noticed



Q.C. who called solicitors "postmen"

An update to our story about the disgraceful comments by a Q.C. hoping for office at the Criminal Bar Association (see story ). He's abandoned his candidacy. And he's still trying to weasel his way out of the criticism, including blaming those of us he insulted for taking him to task. See how he talks about the reaction to his statement where he says "almost all of it from people who have no vote in the election." No vote? True. No say? Hardly when he maligns an entire profession and still not only can't see that he did wrong but continues to try to excuse his conduct. (oh, yes, this bit is written by a solicitor, now retired.)



Africa takes US children's programming to task

Following a decision by Kenya to ban several US TV channels aimed at children, the resistance to the programmes is spreading.

The programmes deliver "obnoxious and inappropriate material that seeks to impair the moral judgment of children about the institution of the family." " said the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB)



Bank of England Rate Rise Shock

It's not what you think: do you know that it's exactly ten years this week since the Bank of England last raised interest rates? Given that last week the Bank warned of impending credit crisis (too much burden, not too little granted) (see our earlier story, we might be due a change.



Pakistan's killer tankers

This isn't in the least bit lighthearted. According to reports, at least 85% of Pakistan's road-going tankers moving volatile and corrosive goods around the country meet the minimum safety standards. As this article shows, the effects of failure can be truly catastrophic.





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