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Not worth the paper it's written on

Thanks to our pal Charles Christian over at Legal IT Mag, The Legal Insider for pointing this out.

The UK's Crown Prosecution Service has issued a request for proposals for the supply by tender of...

Oh, just read it and find out just how mad this is.. and think of the busy-work and cost at the CPS.



Malaysia launches special court to deal with child abuse cases

The court is particularly concerned with sexual abuse. It is a federal court which has near universal support. Some hard line Muslims, however, consider that some Federal child protection laws conflict with their claimed religious rights and therefore argue that in those cases, allegations of abuse should be determined by the Shariah (religious) courts. There has been widespread concern in the country, from almost all sectors of society, over a number of cases of men having sex with girls as young as 12 which have avoided prosecution by subsequently marrying the girls.

The Court has been created in advance of new laws designed to protect minors from a wide range of sexual offences.

Five cases were brought before the Court on its first day of operation.



The USA may be almost 250 years old, but its immaturity is terrifying

For 29 years, National Public Radio, or NPR, has, on 4th July, broadcast the Declaration of Independence. This year it decided to add a Trumpesque dimension and post it on twitter- using 113 consecutive "tweets."

The American Bar Association, in a story that it's really hard not to laugh at, rounds up reports from several major US media outlets, that some Americans read the tweets and thought they were a call to revolt against the present government.

Ah, well, that's what you get when your country is created by revolution and acts that would, today, be considered terrorism.




Montana Judge damns a dam he recently undamned.

"A wood-and-rock irrigation dam currently blocks the long-snouted pallid sturgeon, a species that has evolved very little since the Cretaceous period 70 million years ago, from their spawning grounds. The pallid sturgeon takes over 15 years to mature and reproduces infrequently with up to 10-year intervals between spawns. Their numbers have dwindled to about 125 wild fish due to man-made dams and channels. " So says Jurist.com explaining why there is so much concern over the dam and on-off decisions as to how best to manage the situation. The argument appears to be over whether to construct a new dam with something akin to salmon ladders which, conservationists argue, the fish won't use, despite evidence to the contrary. The full article is fascinating.


Fizz goes out of Hong Kong Champagne auction

The Hong Kong High Court has found that auctioneers Acker Merrall & Condit passed off a fake as vintage Krug champagne at 2012 sale and infringed on owner Moët Hennessy’s trademarks