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LinkedIn promotes...

Thought leadership? If you need a course, you probably aren't one.


The History of Money

Money is a weird and wonderful thing, especially for those who really want to understand money laundering and how crimes are financed. The BBC has some wonderful information for you.



SEC securities fraud cases still pending

We're still waiting to hear about the 27 enforcement cases brought by the USA's SEC earlier this year. The cases involved the improper promotion of shares in alleged pump and dump schemes but the cases relate to the actual promotion, not to the results. So why are they still pending? Here's the original announcement.



The Opioid Crisis: another new angle

The ever deepening crisis over opioid over-use and abuse has a new area of concern. "Desperate for addiction treatment, patients are pawns in lucrative insurance fraud scheme," says this report



Australia's crackdown on crash-for-cash "cockroaches"

Aussie humour is just wonderful, even when dealing with a serious matter. Crash for cash payments are a huge threat to the insurance industry and the police are treating it very seriously. But that's no excuse not to be funny at the same time.


Threats to Indian banks from "hidden" fraud

"The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) financial stability report (FSR) has warned that frauds in the banking system were rising alarmingly." says India's Business Standard - then goes onto say that reported offences may be only a part of the problem and banks may be "hiding" reports.