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Malaysia: multiple murders

If this story had happened in the USA, the world's media would have been all over it. As it is, it has achieved little profile. However, the Straits Times, a Singapore newspaper, has picked it up, then unfortunately applied a click-bait headline that edits out the most important part of the story.

Read it and see why


A further story in Malaysian media demonstrates the awfulness



Corruption investigation into ruling party member dropped

"Having studied the statements and evidence collected, the prosecution found that there was insufficient evidence to charge Tan Sri Annuar Musa," said Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission deputy chief commissioner (Operations) Datuk Seri Azam Baki.



Malaysia: defendant pleads not guilty to almost 150 charges of money laundering

Former Sabah Water (SWD) department deputy director Teo Chee Kong pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court at Kota Kinubalu today to 146 counts of money laundering, involving more than RM32 million.



Malaysia - 1MBD is old news

It's said to be the biggest money laundering scheme ever (big as it was, that's probably not true) but fatigue has set in and Prime Minister Najib is barely affected by it for many Malaysians, as he prepares for an election.



Sports: banned substance catches three young women

Compulsory testing of sportsmen and women revealed the banned substance sibutramine. The substance was added to the banned list in January 2017. It is not a performance enhancing drug - it is primarily designed for weight-loss by suppressing the appetite. However, while it has been banned in sports only recently, it's long been recognised as a potentially harmful substance. It's been "withdrawn" in the USA since late 2010.






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