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Peppy request from a PEP's agent

There are those that think that Politically Exposed Persons are only those currently in office. That is a silly view because a) once a PEP, always a PEP. And once proceeds, always proceeds. And proceeds taint everything they touch. If you've been taught something different, then get some proper training. Here's a spam that proves why.

Re: Collaboration
From: cpavlides755@bkmalersec.biz
reply to: cpavlides755@secservermails.biz

Hello there, My name is Christos Pavlides but you can just call
meChris. I am representing the interest of a certain high
networth worth politician, we are looking for partners overseas
that can manage high-value funds for a period of 5-10 years, the
funds have been accrued by the influence of the power of my
benefactor’s office. He wants this to be done confidentially
hence I will be acting as his eyes and ears during the course of
this transaction.

Please do contact me if you are interested and I will explain the
business to you in detail for you to better understand the
transaction, I can assure you that this will be of mutual benefit
to all. You can respond to me on this email and I will send you a
detailed explanation. Also, provide your whatsapp or mobile
if you have one for easier communication.

Yours truely,


Obviously, it's a scam but when even semi-literate fraudsters like this know that a PEP is a suitable hook for a money laundering scheme, how come so many of those holding certificates from various organisations get it wrong?

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