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World Money Laundering Report : Subscription, renewals, licences and permissions

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On this page, you will find the terms and conditions under which you are permitted to access content published under the title World Money Laundering Report. By subscribing to and/or accessing such content, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

General Conditions

1. World Money Laundering Report is copyright Vortex Centrum Limited. Content is copyright as at its date of first publication. The earliest date of copyright is 1 December 1999.

2. The Title World Money Laundering Report is the sole and exclusive property of Vortex Centrum Limited for which it holds an ISSN. Vortex Centrum Limited also holds an ISSN for World Money Laundering Report: Digest. World Money Laundering Report: Online has been a trading name of Vortex Centrum Limited since 2002. Vortex Centrum Limited owns the copyrights in those names which are also terms of art.

3. Vortex Centrum Limited owns all rights in the expressions worldmoneylaunderingreport.com and wmlro.com. These rights are rights relating to copyright as terms of art. Those rights are independent of any rights to licence domain names and any vacancy in those domain names does not cancel or in any way limit the intellectual property rights in those expressions.

4. Access to any and all websites operated by Vortex Centrum Limited is subject to the terms and conditions set out by its parent company, The Anti Money Laundering Network, Limited, a Hong Kong corporation. See the website at www.antimoneylaundering.net for all terms, including privacy notices.

5. Any access obtained in breach of those permissions, or without the credentials required by this site constitutes a criminal offence.

Licence to access World Money Laundering Report

1. World Money Laundering Report is a subscription information service. We may, from time to time, choose to make some World Money Laundering Report content available to non-subscribers. However, content which is marked "Premium" is restricted to subscribers. It follows that it is an offence to reproduce and republish any article appearing in World Money Laundering Report.

2. Duplication of content:

Content must not be copied and republished. We expressly reject the concept of "Fair Use" under US copyright law. By accessing this site, you agree that US law does not apply. However, there is a limited licence to copy. See below.

Licence to download World Money Laundering Report

You may download and print, for your own private purposes, copies of articles appearing in World Money Laundering Report. However, you must not make multiple copies. You must not forward copies to non-subscribers.

Licence to reproduce extracts from World Money Laundering Report

It is permitted that journalists, commentators and training companies may reproduce extracts from World Money Laundering Report subject to the limitation that no extract shall exceed

- 15% of the wordcount the article from which it is taken; or
- 100 words,
whichever is the greater
no extract exceeding 500 words in aggregate shall be taken from any number of articles.

Licence to distribute World Money Laundering Report.

Companies may purchase a licence to reproduce articles for internal purposes for discussion and/or training purposes only. There is no general licence to reproduce, even for education purposes and, in particular, it is an offence to reproduce articles appearing in World Money Laundering Report for use in conferences, training courses (other than those produced and presented in house and to which non-employees are not admitted).

Reprint and redistribution charges

If you wish to reprint and distribute copies of articles, for example to support conference speeches or training courses sold to companies or open to the public, you must obtain and pay for a licence. Use the contact us form for so doing.

Limited concession for chartered universities and law colleges

Chartered universities and those law colleges recognised by national education authorities may reproduce articles for use in teaching materials distributed as part of course material. Republication in books on open sale is not permitted.

Use of Trademark and Title.

World Money Laundering Report, WMLR and WMLR:O are trademarks. The domain names worldmoneylaunderingreport.com and wmlro.com are terms of art protected by copyright. The Titles World Money Laundering Report and World Money Laundering Report: Digest are registered with ISSNs.

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