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On one level, communications has become something of a sub-set of information technology. On another, it is an industry all of its own, in a state of flux between tech-based comms such as messaging systems that rely on the internet to traditional wire services (although the wires themselves are not even wires these days).

Part 2 of the article about the use of the internet for the broadcast of a gang rape of a Brazilian teenager and suggestions to reduce the incidence of such behaviour by Nigel Morris-Cotterill, author, Cleaning up the 'Net

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When a customer of Malaysian mobile telephone services provider DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, part of the Telenor Group, was travelling and lost the credit card used to pay his mobile phone bill, he found one obstacle after another to trying to make a payment and to add a new card to his account to cover future payments. Then Digi started making threats.

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It would be the most anticipated mobile phone launch - bar none - if Samsung wasn't such a media tart that it places PR stories across the spectrum of press and lazy bloggers pounce on their every word, "revealing" "leaks" and providing fodder for indiscriminate search engines that these days are seemingly just as likely to be seeing requests for information on the company's products as they are for porn.

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On 18th February 2011, when Nokia announced that it would hitch its operating system wagon exclusively to Microsoft's mobile Windows, we said "What Nokia has now done is to become fiscally dependent on Microsoft. MS have got a phone company with a huge market share without paying a penny for it. And as Nokia declines, as many expect it to do, it will - ultimately - prove a potential takeover target for Microsoft." We had an opinion on whether it was a good idea. Has anything changed?

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