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Name of Crypto-asset (e.g. bitcoin, ripple) demanded by extortionist: 
GlobalKYC -Suspicious Wallet Number: 

GlobalKYC-Suspicious Crypto - Spammer's IP address:
Copy of extortion e-mail: 

Yours laptop have been injected to a time where you stronk watching hard-core web portal.
Due to this all the needed files and contacts of all your family are at my diposal at the moment.
This product turned on your web cam and made video and took photos.
By now I have at my disposal all passwords to your social networking sites user accounts.
You have to forward U.S.Dollars 649 to my Bitcoin code
In a case if you don’t like me to forward all the damaging information ( while you have been jerking off ) to your relatives and workfellows
All relatives and collaborates obtain that photos and video in a case if I don’t receive transfer within 24 hours.
If you gonna fulfill all my terms I should shut down all these black PR image.
You should know that the key point in this living is family and this would be a good lesson from now on. If only you don’t do that ugly things there was no that sort of situation. Be meticulous about for the future.
Yours truly.

P.S. After finding this mail you own only 24 hours.
It is not necessary to write me that you have sent money to me. This bitcoin wallet is connected to you, everything will be deleted automatically after payment confirmation.
You can get 48 h just reply on this letter with +.
Im apologize for my mistakes - I'm from China.