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A bizarre incident aboard a British Airways Airbus 380. Flying from San Francisco to London, it diverted to Vancouver ( the earth is a globe: shortest routes are rarely a straight line across a flat representation of it) when the crew became ill. On landing, they collected their cabin bags and left the plane with 400 passengers still on board. 25 of the crew were taken to hospital while local medical teams boarded the aircraft wearing gas masks.

Nigerian President has strong views on women. He told the BBC that his wife should stay in the kitchen, after she told the BBC that, in her view, his government had been "hijacked" by a few people who made ministerial appointments for their own benefit. "I don't know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room," he said.

The BBC seems to have lost its sense of .. well, common sense to say nothing of decency and dignity. An article talks about a selfie-video that was distributed, apparently maliciously, saying "she was wearing a revealing dress and dancing without any inhibition..She knew that the whole situation - the dance, the dress, the boyfriend - would be utterly unacceptable to her parents, to their neighbours, and to a society in which women were required to cover their bodies and behave with modesty." So the BBC leads its article with a still from the video.
But wait: all is not as it seems - read to find out why the BBC, in fact, did nothing wrong and the story reveals a darkness that could affect us all.

Korean politics has long been a dirty game and it's not always clear which of the various factions is in the right. Amongst the many stories relating to the alleged lack of independence of current President PARK Geun-Hye, is this: police have raided the premises of two "foundations" through which it is alleged CHOI Soon-Sil, described as the President's "confidante," allegedly routed money to the President and her campaigns. Raids have also been conducted on the offices of a lobbying group.

A Christian owned bakery in Northern Ireland refused to ice a cake with a message in support of homosexual "marriage." Asher's Bakery was found to have discriminated against Lee and their appeal has been dismissed. But while homosexuality and even cohabitation is legal in Northern Ireland, same-sex "marriage" is not. The government funded a private civil action. The case has many implications outside its specific area of application.
The ruling has been roundly criticised in all quarters
and by our own Jefferson Galt at http://www.jeffersongalt.com/author/content/20161026-northern-ireland-co...