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About Us

What can we say? We are one of the oldest e-publishing businesses in the world. We launched our first e-publication in 1999. While our competitors have come and gone (almost as many gone as have come) we've remained.

We are Vortex Centrum Limited a UK publisher with a reach as big as that of the internet - so that's pretty big. We publish books, periodicals (World Money Laundering Report) and web-sites as well as our class-leading Quick To Learn More AML/CFT e-learning.

We are a member of Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies but we have a life of our own.

We moved into a wider publishing market in 2002 with wmlro.com - a daily news service to support World Money Laundering Report that developed into BankingInsuranceSecurities.com and from that we spun out ChiefOfficers.Net. Those two publications form the bedrock of the PleaseBeInformed.Com suite which has a vastly expanded range of publications under its umbrella, covering business, professional, lifestyle and personal interests.

For full details of PleaseBeInformed.com, visit our online booklet.

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