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Coming Soon: PopUpResto.com

Do you run a Pop Up Restaurant? Do we have the promotional service for you!

Running a PopUP restaurant is hard. First, your entire restaurant doesn't exist more than a few hours before you start serving food. In those few hours, you need to get everything on site, unpack and set up the kitchen with functionality re-checked. Then you can start to set up the drinks area including whatever method you have chosen for chilling. Then (deep breath) you can set up the tables and chairs, lay the tables with cloths, napkins, cutlery and glasses. At some point, you have to shower and have food and drinks so you don't fall over.

Then, finally, if you've prepared your mis en place before you left your home base, some of you can start cooking, some can start preparing welcome drinks and some can start welcoming diners.

And all this is for nothing if no-one knows when or where your pop up will, erm, pop up.

Of course, you can use social media and your own mailing list but how much better would it be if you had your own page that you could keep updated with places and menus? And where your customers could post comments about your food, even where they've seen you and when.

That's what membership of PopUpResto.com will give you.

Launching early 2017, a small annual fee will allow you to post as often as you like.

You'll keep up to date via our What's New page or our notifications system for members of PleaseBeInformed.com

For non-members of PleaseBeInformed.com, make a note to come back to this page from time to time to check on launch, or sign up to the "new features" mailing list at http://pleasebeinformed.com/li... .

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