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Conversazioni Fittizie: Bloody Hell - Theranos under investigation.

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(full article available free)

In late 2015, Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos was interviewed by Stanford Business School and this image, with a different caption, was placed on its front page.

She was quoted as saying "The minute you have a back up plan, you've admitted you are not going to succeed."

She was lauded as the first female CEO of a self-started company capitalised at more than USD1,000 million, a so-called "unicorn."

The cover was widely circulated through social media, especially LinkedIn.com where many gave unstinting support to her statement. Others said it was a crap plan.

In late April 2016, it was announced that she, and her company, were under investigation by the USA's Securities and Exchange Commission on allegations of fraud. We'll leave the details to our business reporting colleagues in relevant sister publications within PleaseBeInformed.com.

Forget the disclaimer below: this is all true: sometimes life writes our stories for us. The only thing we've made up is the caption on our revised version of the Stanford cover.



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