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conversazioni fittizie: you can be our auditors if you don't ask any questions

CoNet Administrator

B Ramalinga Raju: This is a beauty parade for a global audit firm to cover Satyam's audit requirements. Are you ready to bid?

Big Four: Yes, Yes. Just give us the chance.

B Ramalinga Raju: OK, then, we'll start with a question and answer session.

First question: are you able to cover all of our operations worldwide?

Big Four: Yes, yes. We can do that.

B Ramalinga Raju: And will it all be supervised by one person in your firm?

Big Four: yes, yes. We can do that.

B Ramalinga Raju: and will I be able to meet him on a regular off the record basis?

Big Four: Yes, yes, of course. Meetings, no notes, say what you want. Absolutely.

B Ramalinga Raju: And will you take my word for things if there are questions?

Big Four: Yes, Yes. This is normal for audit. Of course we can't really find out what's happening in any business.

B Ramalinga Raju: And if I say "that's my area of influence, I'll vouch for it" will you accept that?

Big Four: yes, Yes, of course.

B Ramalinga Raju: And you'll not file any qualified accounts?

Big Four: business as usual, sir. That's what we do.

B Ramalinga Raju: OK: then let's move to the next phase: closed bids for the worldwide contract. Separate closed bids for commission payments to my family members who have sought you out and created this shortlist of just four firms.