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Financial Crime Risk Officers

Financial Crime Risk Officers is an enhanced individual membership, aimed at those in commerce, industry and, of course, the financial sector.

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It includes all the benefits of individual membership plus access to read and contribute to WhiteCollarCrimeCaseStudies. There are benefits that are not available to the general membership.

Members are encouraged to contribute expert level, practitioner focussed, articles. PR and self promotion are not passed for publication.

We aren't new to this: as publishers of World Money Laundering Report we've been writing about financial crime for a long time. And as a member of The Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies, we are authoritative.

Until now, you've been locked into the banalities of social media: with FinancialCrimeRiskOfficers.com that all changes. We like easy to read articles but believe us when we say, this is where it gets serious. And you won't find "fake news."

In addition, it's a dedicated ideas exchange and discussion platform for those in-post in financial crime risk management positions.

We have global employment advertising service planned for soon after launch. Unlike social media sites, we will accept only detailed advertisements for specific jobs. We will not accept vague promotions by speculative advertisers.

We invite members to submit expert level articles, reviews of relevant books and to debate and discuss hot topics.


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Membership price: GBP40 plus VAT where applicable.

Register and Purchase a one-year membership to FCRO



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