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Financial Services Tech: two factor authentication for mobile banking

Editorial Staff

US company SurePass says that it has developed a two-factor authentication system that avoids problems with the "RSA Breached Token Devices" so as to "deliver secure two-factor authentication via free mobile apps, text and electronic card"

Surepass says that its product is "of one of the first comprehensive Cloud security solutions to verify and protect the identity of users of cloud and on-premises based applications" and notes that identification and authentication "have become of increased importance both given the growing acceptance of cloud based or on-demand applications like Salesforce.com, Google Apps., and Amazon that reside in the Cloud rather than on a computer or local network. These Cloud service provides are not responsible for the validation or protection of a user's identity which leaves consumers, financial institutions, enterprises and government agencies vulnerable to cyber-attacks, identity crime and fraud."

Mark Poidomani, CEO of SurePass. "We are one of the industry's first solutions to offer comprehensive Cloud based authentication security that protects the enterprise from fraud, data breaches and identity [crime] for private, public, hybrid and distributed applications. And we are cost effective and easily implemented within 24 hours without the need for user software to install or hardware tokens to distribute."