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Free ebook: Jefferson Galt - The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt

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Jefferson Galt
Friday, 1 April, 2016 - 00:15
London, England

Make your May Day Weekend Count with the meaning of life, or something close.

Jefferson Galt's short phrases cover life-important topics.

In this book, "The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt" are presented, one per page. There are 70 in this volume.

The e-book is available for free download from Amazon group websites from 1 to 2 May.

"Obviously, I have more than 70 thoughts," says Jefferson Galt about the book, "but I wanted this little volume to be a bit like the small books of phrases you see by till in some bookshops. But "Thoughts" is being released in e-book format only.

The idea is to provide inspirational comments on love, life and other stuff.

"While some pages have a bit more writing, most have less than a dozen words," says Galt. "It is true that, for the most important things we have to say that we need very few words. These are those words."

Purchase links: http://www.jeffersongalt.com/author/content/thoughts-jefferson-galt-eboo...

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