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GlobalKYC: international notices of asset freezes, seizures and confiscations.

GlobalKYC is a unique database generated by those who obtain orders to identify, freeze, seize and confiscate assets.

Membership is open to government departments and agencies, insolvency practitioners, law firms and others who are authorised to make or obtain such Orders.

NOTE: members of GlobalKYC may post unlimited notices during their membership.

Your notices are available worldwide immediately you complete the form and therefore forms part of the customer due diligence / KYC process for financial institutions.

Site licences are not available: all notices must be posted through your centrally managed account.

Posts may be set to auto-expire or you may remove them in due course.

You are also able to add further information to an existing post.

Your post is publicly visible but your contact information is available only to members of PleaseBeInformed.com and World Money Laundering Report.

If you do not renew membership, your posts will be archived when your membership expires but may be re-activated on account renewal.

Membership of GlobalKYC is not included in, nor does it include, individual membership of PleaseBeInformed.com

More Information

GlobalKYC is a unique service for governments, law firms and other authorised persons to publish freezing and confiscation orders, production orders, even arrest warrants.

GlobalKYC does not compete with traditional KYC Database Services because GlobalKYC content is produced by the person obtaining the orders.

Unlike inter-governmental databases, GlobalKYC is open to Financial Crime Risk Officers worldwide, in the public and the private sectors.

FCROs can contactr by contact information made available on a case by case basis, the person posting the notice. FCROs can subscribe to GlobalKYC updates.

FCROs are able to obtain, in one place, notices from many sources, rather than having to go to many sources individually to gather data.

The information is valuable outside the strict confines of the financial sector as notices often relate to persons who may do business in a variety of areas of commerce and industry.


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