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Please be Informed launches Effective PR

Please Be Informed - Effective PR
Advertising/Media Relations
CoNet Administrator
Friday, 1 April, 2016 - 00:15
London, England

PleaseBeInformed-EffectivePR.com is for professional PR / Media Relations companies and In-House PR teams.

When a release is posted, the poster has the following options:

1. Schedule the release in which case it will not appear until the date/time specified (all times are GMT).

2. Immediate issue

3. Release for public (no restrictions on who may see it)

4. Release for members of PleaseBeInformed.com suite only

5. Release for accredited journalists only.

Media releases expire and are automatically removed after six months.

Membership is by paid subscription at a flat rate per annum, regardless of the number of releases issued.

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Contact via our profile page (members only).

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