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United Airlines - all intra USA flights grounded. Website non-responsive

Editorial Staff

We've been trying to access the website at united.com for several minutes. Aside from a pop up about location, nothing else has responded. But what we do know from other media is that United was grounded by the FAA, apparently at the airline's request, for all domestic flights for a period of two hours. International flights were not affected.

United breaks guitars, as the whole world knows (and if you don't look it up) but last night (Eastern Time, -5 hrs GMT) it broke the plans of an unknown number of people.

Media that did manage to access the United website found that there was "a technology issue" and that it was "systemwide" (sic)

The company very helpfully (sarcasm drips from that) said "Flight changes: The change fee and any difference in fare will be waived for new flights departing on or before January 25, 2017, as long as travel is rescheduled in the same cabin (any fare class) and between the same cities as originally ticketed.​​" There is a separate page relating to flight delays (which we were able to open) :


It's main advice? Buy insurance. And use the mobile phone "app."

If readers were trapped on a plane, on the tarmac (the apron or runway), they should turn to this US Government page:

After a two hour delay, flights have resumed but schedules are badly disrupted.

The problems apparently related to the ACARS system which provides a stream of information about location and condition of the aircraft. The FAA said that the problem related to "low bandwidth" which, logic suggests, relates to the movement of data across the United computer network rather than aircraft to ground transmissions. The issue does not directly affect scheduling and/or safety but should complications arise, missing, incomplete or delayed data could make it more difficult for problems to be addressed.

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