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Humour is a powerful weapon and satire is amongst its sharpest blades. When someone said that the pen is mightier than the sword, he may well have had satire in mind.

Satire can be used to puncture pomposity, to draw attention to the ridiculous and to highlight the outrageous or priggish.

Satire is primarily a tool of ridicule.

The most important thing about satire is that it is fiction. It is not true. It might be an extrapolation of genuine facts, that extrapolation is stretched to hyperbole. Or it may be an extreme interpretation of the behaviour or character of a person, so far removed from reality that no one should consider it true.

Satire is not the same as sarcasm or irony. Satire is journalism turned on its head: the reporting of things that did not happen as if they did. To work, the satire has to be at least partially believable, or to encourage the reader to say "that could happen."

Satire is often used as a warning that if the present course continues, the results will be undesirable.

We can think of satire as a form of cartoon drawn with words.

But to be effective, satire is not overt criticism, it is a word-based environment in which perceptions can be modified. Satire is not brutal criticism: it is a subtle re-working of known information, set into a fictitious circumstance.

Satire has been used, for hundreds of years, to allow commentators on the issues of the day to criticise leaders and (hopefully) to avoid the consequences. Sometimes the target is specifically identified and sometimes he is alluded to by a range of devices such as the creation of a fictitious country with leaders having specific characteristics of a real world politician without naming him.

At conversazioni-fittizie.com, we have to recognise certain realities: free speech is not universal. Therefore we place a higher level of editorial supervision on articles within this publication than in other, potentially less explosive, publications.

Headlines and teasers for conversazioni-fittizie.com are accessible to all. Full articles can be read only by members of the Please Be Informed suite of publications. Because of the nature of the content, and the opportunity for abuse, comments are not permitted. However, members may send private messages to the author.

We aim to provide a repository of the best satire on the web and we welcome contributions of the highest quality. It's not going to be easy.

You Can Do It.

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