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World Money Laundering Report is the lead publication in the Financial Crime Group at PleaseBeInformed.com. A subscription to WMLR covers all publications in the Group.



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World Money Laundering Report (WorldMoneyLaunderingReport.com) was first published in 1999. Over the following 17 years it appeared in 15 volumes, the last issue being published in December 2016. As from January 2017, WMLR entered version 2.0 of its development and now it's gone beyond that with the inclusion of a range of other publications all in a group called "The Financial Crime Group."

In 2002, Vortex Centrum Limited, the publisher of World Money Laundering Report launched World Money Laundering Report: Online (wmlro.com), a daily news service. Subsequently, with the launch of BankingInsuranceSecurities.com, WMLRO was, effectively, mothballed.

In January 2017, World Money Laundering Report will became a purely on-line publication, for which subscriptions are taken via the PleaseBeInformed.com platform. Those holding site licences as at 31 December 2016 will be able to maintain access to the site licence archive until the end of February 2018. For everyone else, the archive remains available in e-book via third party resellers such as Amazon.com.

Thanks to all our readers over the years. We've made some good friends.

WMLR will now publish stories on a more regular basis than its previous bi-monthly schedule. However, from time to time a special issue of World Money Laundering Report will be made available as a discrete issue for which a separate charge may be made.

One of the reasons for this change is that, after several years of publication via on-line sales platforms, global coverage has proved to be at best spotty. By moving to our parent company's publication platform, World Money Laundering Report will be available worldwide. A site licence under the old system cost GBP350 and individual copies cost USD35 each. By moving to the platform we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of subscription and, as from 1 January 2018, increase the range of publications available as part of the subscription.

Another reason for change is that, by adopting this system, we prevent criminals posting illegal copies (or fake links) of WMLR across the internet: we have long been conscious that the links were provided by organised crime gangs and were likely to be to websites which steal credit card information or download malware. PleaseBeInformed.com is entirely under our company's control. Also, your card payment information never comes to us: our payment services provider, Shopify, handles all security.

The price for a 2017 individual subscription is GBP100.00 plus VAT where applicable.

And you won't lose our sideways look at the world, our acerbic wit or our ability to upset most of the establishment most of the time. Most importantly, you won't lose our tendency to identify things that others won't spot for years.

Welcome to the new World Money Laundering Report at WMLRO.com, part of PleaseBeInformed.com

There is, of course, a new form of licence for WMLR content published at the new website. That's here

Please complete the registration form (HERE), accept the licence terms and proceed to payment. Your subscription to World Money Laundering Report Online will be approved immediately after payment.

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Publications included in a World Money Laundering Report / Financial Crime Group individual subscription

World Money Laundering Report
The Financial Crime Risk Officer
GlobalKYC (Read Only)
White Collar Crime Case Studies
Sanctions in Action (up to date sanctions lists plus articles)

PLUS all the publications listed in the General Interest Group i.e.
Don't say that. Do say this.
Kitchen Saviour
So THAT's how it's done
Dear Uncle Bert and Aunty Gert
Goodbye Old Friend (Obituaries)
It's Time to Look After Yourself (lifestyle and health)
Stories from around the web
Used Physical Aids
The News Without the Crap (big stories with little coverage).
Conversazioni Fittizie (False Conversations - satire)


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