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World Money Laundering Report: Site Licence

World Money Laundering Report is now available to companies, government agencies and educational establishment under a site licence.

The terms of the Site Licence are different to the terms that apply to the Individual Licence.

Site Licence holders have access to
- all World Money Laundering Report content from 1 January 2017
- all articles published under the title "White Collar Crime Case Studies."
- all articles published under the title "Financial Crime Risk Officers."
- regulatory and sanctions news feeds
- data published under GlobalKYC *
- employment advertisements *

Persons accessing the site under the Site Licence may submit articles for consideration for publication in World Money Laundering Report and / or White Collar Crime Case Studies.

The identity of Site Licence holders is not made public.

Access under a site licence is by IP address. At registration you are invited to provide one or more IP addresses, or a range of addresses which you authorise to access your account.

Ask your IT department for the required information. Give them the following information to ensure you are able to provide us with the correct information:
Accepted IP Login match values are:
-Single IP matches like
-Wildcards using an asterisk (*) in any quadrant except the first one, for example 123.123.123.* or 100.*.*.* etc.
-Ranges using a hyphen (-) in any quadrant except the first one, for example etc.
-Up to 5 comma-separated IP addresses or ranges like,, 123.123.124-125.* etc.

Note: you will not be able to submit the registration form unless you provide information at this point.

The person completing the registration will be granted immediate username/password access. It is recommended that the user name is not the name of your agency, etc. in order to ensure confidentiality. However, we do, for our own purposes, of course require full details of who our customers are therefore registration information must be true and accurate.

Access by IP address is effected manually once your account is paid. This may take up to two working days. Once granted, your users will simply visit www.worldmoneylaunderingreport... and be automatically logged in.

Limited licence to reproduce content

All legislation which purports to allow the downloading, printing or any form of reproduction of material within World Money Laundering Report is expressly excluded.

For content originated by and appearing with the byline of World Money Laundering Report (the qualifying content), the following licence applies to holders of site licences:

- You may download and save to your local server any and all qualifying content.

- You may print and distribute internally within the organisation that is registered as the site licence holder any and all qualifying content

- You may use any and all qualifying content in training courses or manuals produced internally by the retained staff of the organisation that is registered as the site licence holder.

- You may collect, collate and bind multiple articles falling within the qualifying content into a book or other format for internal distribution only.

Licence to reproduce

You may reproduce in any form you wish for any purpose you wish, up to 200 words, in aggregate, from one or more articles within the Qualifying Content provided that it is accompanied with the following acknowledgement:

"with permission: World Money Laundering Report. No further reproduction permitted. www.worldmoneylaunderingreport..."

Excluded content

Material which is not qualifying content is excluded content. Excluded content includes but it not limited to content which is published in World Money Laundering Report but is not originated by World Money Laundering Report. Any content which appears with a by-line that is anything other than "World Money Laundering Report" is subject to the copyright interests of the originator. WMLR is not able to grant reproduction rights in relation to intellectual property owned by third parties. Excluded content, therefore, cannot be reproduced in any circumstances, unless the author had added a note expressly varying this provision.


Read permissions:
Teaser - public
Full content - Users accessing WMLR under a site licence
Comments - no

Contribution Permission

Submit content - Users accessing WMLR under a site licence
Write comments - No

Includes standard subscription to PleaseBeInformed.com? No

Direct Access: www.worldmoneylaunderingreport...



Register for World Money Laundering Report Site Licence

At the time of writing, a 12 month site licence for World Money Laundering Report costs GBP300 plus Value Added Tax as applicable.

*at the time of writing items marked * are in preparation.





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