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With the announcement that the Apprentice Solicitors (don't ask: it's another "moving forward" initiative instead of going back to proper Articles) scheme is to include a grammar test (that's hilarious, given the appalling level of English across the Courts system and, even more ironically, the Solicitors (see, no apostrophe when there should be) Regulatory Authority), it's prescient to note that careless English can sometimes be celebrated. Malaysians have taken to Twitter in large numbers for one of the funniest hashtag trends ever. And it's so very simple.

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The actions of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel in driving a lorry into many people out for an evening watching Bastille Day fireworks, killing more than 80 and injuring many more, some seriously, was immediately branded an act of terrorism. It was terrible but it was not, necessarily, terrorism. Indeed, early signs were that it was not a terrorist attack in the normal sense of the word and as the story unfolds, it seems that his actions may not have been in the strict definition of terrorism. It's time to tone down the rhetoric and time to teach politicians and the media that they should not rush to use technical terms without a full understanding of what they mean - and how to prove them in Court.

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