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Asset Freezing and Preserveration Orders

Asset Freezing and Preserveration Orders

In civil litigation A Freezing Order is a user-friendly name for what used to be known as a "Mareva Injunction" after the name of a case in the English High Court. ( Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers 1975 ) It is a Court Order that assets which are specified or which are members of an asset class defined in the Order must not be disposed of (physically or legally) or any action taken to hide them or to diminish their value. In some countries, some government departments or agencies have authority to make an administrative (i.e. non-judicial) Order that assets be frozen. In criminal proceedings A government department or agency ("the state") may obtain, during criminal proceedings, an Order that is similar to the Freezing Order made in civil courts. When such an order is made, the burden of proof on prosecutors is the same as that in civil proceedings.
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